What happens at a strip club?

The strip clubs works like the theme parks. You will get enough fun with great fantasy for the visitors. However, you should know that there are also too much unpleasantness and hard work for the people who are working there. The DJs, security, managers, bartenders and dancers, they will sacrifice their weekends and nights for you to be happy. However, they will endure many things than what you are thinking.

Dancers will ruin it for others if they offer extra

Some of the strippers offer just a dance. If you try to have her do something more than this, then you may end up annoying her.

They do not date

Sometime in normal job, you may run late working with a co-worker. However, for the strippers, the job is more independent and the workers only talk about their job and nothing else.

The dancers are married: some strippers have already husband and they do not have to hide what they do to them since they are working as working with any other job.

Dancers have to pay to work

The dancers will pay the house fee, the bartenders, the house moms, the security guys and the DJ. In the end, they may only go home with 70 percent of what they got.

DJs have a lot of work

The strip clubs DJs are the one in charge of the dancer rotation, but they also have to mix the music for the entire night and they are the one to coordinate the light, smoke, handle lasers with the LED robots. They do everything they can to make sure that the crowd does not become bored.

Strippers get a good payment

Some people may spend over 10 years working in nightclubs if they fail to get another job that can pay as good as this one.

The customer is always wrong

If you start an argument with a security guard, bartender or a stripper, the club will back him up even if you are right. He is going to be reprimanded when you have been removed and chased away.

The stripper can be smarter than you are

You can find strippers, bouncers and bartenders who have advanced degree. However, they will not talk about it.

The schedules are not fixed

The strippers work as independent contractors, but still they have to be present if the club requires having the dancers. If not, the stripper can be fired even if she is not being paid by the club itself.

The strippers can drink

Since the dancers will have to dance before strangers and naked; they need something to give them a courage. Sometime even if the club may not be selling alcohol, sometime they can keep some hidden in their locker.

There is nothing new to the stripper:  There is nothing that a customer may say or may do which the club employee has never seen before. Sometime you may get a no when you ask for a service before you even finish talking about what you want.

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