What is pan sexual?

Pansexuality also known as omnisexuality is a romantic, emotional or sexual attraction to any person regardless of his gender identity or sex. The pansexual people may consider themselves as the gender blind. This means that sex and gender are not a determining factor in their sexual or romantic attraction to the people.

Pansexuality can be said to be sexual orientation in its own or it can be a branch of the bisexuality which indicate that it is an alternative sexual option. Since pansexual people want to be in the relationship with people who do not identify themselves as women or men, then  they do not believe in gender binary and this include more than what it is included in bisexual.

The prefix pan is a word which was used in the Ancient Greek and it means every or all while omni is a Latin world and it means all.

Pansexuality in comparison with other sexual identity

Bisexual means someone who is attracted to both females and males which mean that there are two genders, women and men. However, the pansexual is attracted to any person regardless of the gender or sex. The use of such dentition is different and this include outside the gender binary and intersex.

The pansexuals may be attracted to the androgynous people, intersex, transgender and cisgender. This includes more than what it is included with bisexual. Even if pansexual means being attracted to anyone, these people do not include necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality in their definition.

Pansexuality is an identity that covers the people who do not fit into the categories of man and male or a woman and female.

The misconception of pansexuality

The pansexuality is a large term to the bisexuality and it means someone who is romantically or sexually attracted to different genders. Bisexuality has own set of the stigma when it comes to sexuality or promiscuity. Pansexuality may be misconstrued.

What it feels to be a pansexual

There are different celebrities who decided to come out like pansexual.

Sometime pansexual may be used interchangeably in terms of the bisexuality. This is to mean that biological sex and sexual orientation does not have to be a focal point when it comes to relationship. Some bisexual people may choose to use alternative self label like polysexual, ambisexual, polyfidelitous, pansensual and queer. Polysexual is the same to pansexuality and it means that someone is attracted to different sexualities. However, this does not encompass each and every sexuality available. This is something different to the poylamory, which means that someone has intimate relationship with different people and they all consent to it.

Pansexual also encompass people who do not identify as female or male regardless of their biological sex. However, some people may identify themselves as pansexual or bisexual and they will not use these labels interchangeable. The two are found in different communities and they have colors, flags and ideology that are different from one another. The ideology behind pansexuality is that men or woman can identify themselves in different sexualities and genders and not as men or women only.

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