Where to have sex  

If you want to have sex, it does not have to be always in the bedroom or on your bed.

The following are some of the places you can try out:

  • In a laundry room: you should sit on a washer and not on a dryer. If the spin cycle begins, you should let loose together with your partner.
  • In a parents’ bedroom: you should be prepared and make sure that the parents will keep away since it can end up being tricky or embarrassing.
  • Tent: since the tent walls may be flimsy, it is good if you go for simple sex position. You can try backup boogie or a saucy spoon.
  • In a Park: you should make sure that none is left behind and that you wiped the place where you did it after you finish.
  • In the kitchen: you can sit at the table and entice your partner to do it with you as far as you are playful.
  • Into the woods: if you want to try this out, you should use an insect repellent to keep the bugs out. Make sure that you do not spray at the breasts or the neck or any other place where the man can lick or kiss.
  • In the pool: remember that water sex may end drying up the natural lubrications. You can use the silicone based lube since it is water proof and try different positions as you may want.
  • At home with your parents around: when the parents are sleeping in next room, you have to keep quiet and go for the sex position that gives ultra pleasure but without having to shake headboards. You can use the position where you rock and not thrusting.
  • In the car: some people may think that a backseat is the right place to have the sex, but the best place is to recline a passenger seat and to try out a girl on top position.
  • In the bathtub and the shower: You should take turns in lathering one another and teasing so that you can enter in the frenzy.

If you want to try having sex in public, you should remember that it can be naughty by thinking about it, but it will not always end up well. However, when you are having sex, there will be a thrill that comes with the possibility that you may end up being caught any time of a day, but it can add some elements to the sex life. However, if you want to try it, make sure that you are not caught.

When it comes to make sex in public, you will have to be sneaky, quiet and fast. If you still want to have sex in public, you can try it in the tinted car or if your car is not tinted, you should try to do it during evenings. You can do it at a deserted beach or park but be on the watch out of the sand. You can also do it in the movie theater. Here it is easy to give a hand job or to do it if you sit at the back seat.

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