Where To Go With New Orleans Escorts

When you visit New Orleans, then you will get to see that everything you ever wished to see is here since this is a Universe center. If you have decided to have a New Orleans escort, then there are many places you can take her. You can start by enjoying the lunch with her at The Carriage House Restaurant where the Chef is Joseph Dicapo, or you may go to Café Burnside where you may get a casual buffet lunch. If you want to spend the night you can ask to be given one of the 21 lovely cottages, which are filled with antique and art.

Other places to visit are:

• Old Mandeville

This is the city where you can get everything you ever wished like upscale B&Bs, unspoiled bayous, and other attractions. There are charming restaurants and shops in this small downtown.

• Fontainebleau State Park

Even if this place is not that far from the Mandeville and Covington, it still is a world away, isolated and glorious. It has just opened its 12 cabins, which had been closed after Hurricane Isaac. The cottages are comfortable and they are suitable if you want to spend some time with an escort there. You will enjoy some amenities like fully equipped kitchens, screened porches and flat screen TVs.

• New Iberia

It is time to visit this restaurant called 1868 where you can enjoy casual dining experience where you can get Tabasco fueled in comfort. Nearby, you can visit the processing plant at a catwalk, visitor’s center and new museum.

• Lake Charles

This is the fifth largest city of Louisiana where you can enjoy some rock and roll or some level of country experience. It is the place where you can enjoy different outdoor adventures, glitzy casino and Cajun culture. You can also enjoy the stately historic homes or choose any other activities that will fit into your budget and taste. To know more about the native wildlife of the area, then you can go to Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point. This is a home to over 400 types of birds, wildflowers and alligators. The city is also the place where you can enjoy culinary creative where you can find fried sea foods, Calla, sushi, dim sum and Vietnamese food.

• Morgan City

This is the place that you should never miss with your New Orleans escorts, especially in September because of its shrimp and petroleum festival. This is the Cajun Country town and it is a green gem, because of the proximity it has with the natural beauty from Atchafalaya Basin.

You can get to see majestic oaks, Moss-Draped cypress and animals and bird life. You may go bird watching, fishing or Kayaking near the Bayou Teche Paddling Trail. You should not leave this city if you do not get a dinner or lunch at Rita Mae’s Kitchen found at Federal near the park. The place serve home cooking food and you get to enjoy Southern cuisine and friendly service. You should try fried chicken here with a crab burger.

You may also visit Dauphin Island, Natchez and Lafayette.

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