How to dance like a stripper

Now it is possible for everyone to have a stripper pole. This is for good reasons, since they are fun and they can spice up the sex life of someone. They are the best thing to have if you want also to workout. You may spin, swing or hang upside down but at the same time, you can continue to feel and to look sexier.

Before you decide to buy, you have to keep many things in mind. You may need to buy a portable or a permanent pole. You may also choose to buy the pole based if you want to work on it faster or if you just want a slow workout.

If you want to dance like strippers, then the first step is to get a pole:

  1. Choose the size

The right advice is to measure the ceiling before you go out to buy the stripper pole. You have to make sure that the stripper will be installed in a correct manner. If you choose the poles based on the right measurement, you will not be sorry. Most ceilings have 8 feet higher, but you have to make sure by measuring it.

  1. Ensure your safety

The first way that you may ruin the mood is when you fall down from the pole. This will be embarrassing and you may end up hurting yourself. It is recommended to use the pole that can bold into the ceiling instead of using the compression. Some poles can be bolted into the ceiling but at the same time, they can be taken down much easier. If you may have visitors, you will not have to explain about a stripper pole in the bedroom.

  1. Stay smooth

The textured ceiling may not be that great fit as the stripper pole. Acoustic tiles and popcorn ceilings may prevent a good installation while the pole may end up damaging the ceiling. Smooth surface is the best to go.

  1. Get funky

You may have the stripper poles and the stage custom built for the home if you wish to be your best. You may get the light up if you want to simulate the ambiance of the strip club. You can bring the club feel into your home when you install the lighting into the living room, home gym and bedroom.

Installing the stripper pole in the home, it will be a fun way that you can breathe the new life into the sex life and you will feel as if you are sexier than you were before. If you want to enjoy the dancing even further, then you should take the poll dancing class. You will find some studios, which specialize in the pole and erotic dancing lessons.

You can buy removable poles which you can transfer easily from a room to another. You will not have to use the screws which may ruin the finish of the ceiling.

At the other hand, the fixed dance pole may have secure and stable construction because they are supported by screws and brackets permanently at the floor and at the ceiling.

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